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The VSM CERAMICS series are special products for aggressive but cool grinding. VSM CERAMICS ensure faster grinding while at the same time offering better surface finish and excellent stock removal rates. The cool grinding properties ensure long life and prevent surface discoloration. VSM CERAMICS are specifically suitable for grinding high alloyed steels, titanium, nickel alloys and all very hard materials.


VSM COMPACTGRAIN products are the abrasive for continuous grinding applications. Due uniform stock removal they achieve a consistent surface finish during their entire service life. This is VSM quality at its highest level. Compared to conventional abrasives, Compactgrain products achieve a more consistent surface with less set-up time.


Due to the outstanding cutting performance and the additional lubricating layer, our zirconia alumina series allow a very high stock removal with reduced temperature in the grinding zone. The cool grinding zone. The cool grinding leads to an extension of service life and the continuous generation of new cutting edges during the whole service life provides an improved service quality.


VSM series made of premium aluminium oxide grain can be used in a vast array of applications. Aluminum oxide is a hard and durable grain that gives good life and solid cut. It is the universal grain for the machining of metal and wood surfaces.


A special feature of VSM series made of silicon carbide is their high grade. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for machining of glass, minerals, ceramics, china, stone, titanium, varnishes, brass, bronze and steel (especially steel sheets).


VSM surface conditioning material is a ''three dimensional abrasives'' made of nylon non-woven which is interspersed with abrasives grain. Due to different grit sizes and various layer materials non-woven products are suitable for the machining of nearly all surfaces and sophisticated finishing works. VSM quality on the usual high level!


Sheets are universal products for manual work and hand-held machines. Special versions are available designed to work certain materials (e.g wood, metal, etc.) and users can cut or tear sheets to suit their individual needs. Sheets used in conjunction with a sanding block can be used to form various edge and surface profiles, internally and externally. With paper or cloth backings, the sheets and strips can be used for both wet and dry grinding, depending on the grade chosen.


VSM Fibre Discs are the optimum answer for maximum cutting rates using angle grinders. VSM fibre discs are especially suitable for coarse work, removal of rust, deburring and grinding of weld seams. Supported by a backing pad fitted to the angle grinder, a higher contact pressure can be exerted.


VSM Cloth and Paper discs can be used with hand operated or stationary machines with horizontal or vertical spindles. To attach the discs to the backing pad they have a hook and loop or pressure sensitive adhesive.


VSM Flap Discs use either VSM Zirconia or VSM Ceramic material and combine high metal removal rates with fine finish in one operation. Flap Discs are available in a full range of grits and sizes. Both Plastic and Fibre backed are available with or without a centre nut.

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