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Besa Glass 759 - 2.1 VOC: #200.201/ 200.2011

Known for it's easy application, excellent gloss and durability.

2:1 mixing ratio used with low voc hardener:

E-226 (201.226) Medium;

E-228 (201.228) Fast;

E-237 (201.237) Ultra Fast.

Clear Worx Bullet: #190.101 & 190.102

Carworx 2.1 VOC Bullet is a high production clearcoat system developed for spot repair and one panel repair. This 4:1 mix clearcoat is a 3 coat system that can be sanded and buffed in 20-25 minutes air dry or baked for 5 minutes at 130°F(54.4°C) metal temperature.

It is a 4:1 mix with

Activator (#191.101)

Applied in 3 light coats wet-on-wet with no flash times between coats.


Besa Car Primer / Filler 2.1 VOC: # 200.9005.21 Black

Outstanding filling capabilities, very easy sanding. No shrinkage.

Mixing ratio 4:1 with E-224 low VOC hardener (201.220)

# 200.100.21 Beige
# 200.103.21 Grey
# 200.7040.21 Dark Grey


Kombi Filler - #126.052

Kombi Filler  is a one component nitro cellulose stopper for filling small imperfections like scratches, pinholes and shallow dents. Due to its smooth consistency, Kombi Filler can be applied in very thin coats. After sanding, a porous free surface is provided which can be painted without the need of a primer

Soft Worx - BPO Pink Hardener #134.460

Especially easy to sand, two-component polyester filling putty. To be applied in order to equalize or close possible pin holes, small irregularities, small paint damages or scratches on the body of cars, vehicles or machines. Recommended also to be used as a putty and dowel setting material as well as an adhesive for iron, wood, stone and porcelain.

Characteristic Features:

- adhesive on iron, steel, aluminum, galvanized substrates and glass fiber reinforced materials

- easy to sand even after 24h drying

                               - excellent bending strength

                               - maximum stability on vertical surfaces

LightWorx - Red Hardener #134.461
Low density polyester putty. Stands out for its easy application, fineness, absence of pores, high yield, filling power and easy sanding. Adhesion on steel, glavanized steel, electro-zinc coated steel and sanded aluminium

Polyester Spray Filler - CHP Liquid Hardener #127.978 & #127.987

For filling surface imperfections, pinholes and sanding marks over large areas

Characteristic features

Fast-drying 2-component polyester spray filler for very easy sanding

Euro 843 - Blue Hardener #138.843

Adheres to fillers, painted surfaces, and metals including galvanized


Liquid putty. Easy sanding, will not clog sandpaper

Excellent viscosity

Steel - BPO Pink Hardener #138.587

For filling car body edges, mudguards and PU-bonded panels as well as for repairing filler necks, corners of doors and exterior mirrors

Characteristic features

Filler with a very high degree of hardness


Refinish Restorer - #133.175

For renovating faded colours on plastic components as well as for removing traces of polish

Characteristic features


CW Super Glue - #330.071

Excellent Adhesion for porous and non-porous surfaces.


Sets quickly.


Zinc Spray - #126.030

Anticorrosive for internal panels when spot welding.

Characteristic features

Cold galvanising of metal substrates. Temperature-stable up to 490 °C according to DIN 50976, 53167, 50021, 53151.

Silver Wheel Spray - #126.021

Suitable for steel wheel rims.

Characteristic features

Fast-drying, highly abrasion resistant, acrylic-based paint, which protects against corrosion.


Paint-Ex Hand Cleaner: # 300.250P/ 300.500P/ 300.250/ 300.500

Waterless hand cleaner. Removes epoxy, urethanes, polyester fillers, paints, inks, markers and grease.


Unique formula combines pumice scrubbers with aloe vera, lanoline and glycerine preventing skin dry-out.

*Paint-Ex II is an advanced formula for preventing skin dry-out


Economy Eraser Wheel: #330.065

Area of application: 

For fast and residue free removal of tripes, decals, stickers, etc.

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