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Air Hoses


PH35C (35' length) or PH50C (50' length)

Unique PVC hose prevents static build-up without need for wire, Crimped ends with stress relief and 1/4" male brass end fittings, Silicone free, Uniform conductive flexible liner assures contact with fittings for the life of the hose.


PH35NC (35' length) or #PH50NC (50' length)

Uniquely different PVC air hose that prevents static build-up without the need of a static wire. Crimped ends with high flow fittings. Brass end fittings ¼”male NPT with one swivel connection for greater ease of use. Lightweight, flexible construction, Non conductive, Resistant to many chemicals, High flow crimped ends, Silicone-free, Economical hose for spraying.


A specially-designed non-toxic air breathing hose that provides low temperature flexibility and low odor. Clear PVC compound, formulated in compliance with FDA(03) and RoHS(16) requirements with High tensile strength yarn and Non-toxic, U. V. and weather resistant black PVC compound cover. Heavy wall construction matches the dimensions of rubber hose. And meets NIOSH(14) requirements for Type C respirator.


These hoses, made from specially formulated compounds of high grade PVC resin, are engineered to be tough and flexible at very low temperatures. The superior physical properties and design of the hose makes it outperform other general purpose PVC and rubber hoses in cold weather air tool applications. A versatile, lightweight multi-function hose for air, water, or mild chemical use.


Economical hose which remains flexible even at cold temperatures, Ideal for construction and garages - for pneumatic tools, air or water, stays flexible at very cold temperatures, abrasion resistant.

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