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69850: R1 P412 - Primer

P412 is a two-component primer filler for bodywork repair specially developed for markets with VOC legislation. P412 has an easy application, good adhesion to several substrates and versatility to be used as primer surfacer or high build.

69851 Hardener: R1 - C416 FAST - 945ml

69852 Hardener: R1 - C415 STANDARD - 945ml

69671: Europrimer EXPRESS

FAST DRYING - Just 1,5 hours at 68ºF with surface application


EXCELLENT ADHESION - To putties, fillers and properly sanded hardened paints.

EASY APPLICATION & SANDING - Less time on application and sanding

HIGH QUALITY FINISH - Get the best finish with the minimum effort

LOW VOC CONTENT - Respectful to the environment

  The new EUROPRIMER EXPRESS works with C5000 hardener, which can be also used with EUROPRIMER DTM. 

  69671 - EUROPRIMER EXPRESS E3 prim 4:1 GR 3,78L

  69673 - C5000 hardener standard - 945 ml

65614/66827/66828: Europrimer DTM

High solid contents HS 4:1 primer filler

Europrimer DTM is a 2.1 VOC compliant product.

DTM and anticorrosive pigments. Easy to apply, short drying time and good quality finishing. 70% of solid content. Achieves up to 2.0 - 2.3 mills per coat.

Hardener: E521


1K ready to use transparent primer.

Promotes adhesion to any kind of plastic except polythene (PE).

Aerosol: Aircolor Isofast

1K - Primer Grey: 62694/61445/62695

Extra rapid 1K primer grey. Ideal for spot repair. Very easy to sand.

Its main characteristics lie in its express drying and its excellent adherence on the different materials used in vehicle bodywork. Because it is fast drying and fine spraying, Isofast is ideal for small surfaces.

Matt Black:

Acrylic enamel for a durable top coat with a matt finish.


Satin Black:

Acrylic enamel for a durable top coat with a satin finish.


Fade Out Spray:

Additive for fade-out spraying, geared mainly towards the ‘spot repair’ market.

Excellent fluidity and ease of application. Allows optimum integration of clear coats/colours to partially painted areas.

Saves considerable time in the polishing process


Bumper Color:

Flexible textured finish coating for plastics and bumpers.

Ideal for restoring original texture finishes after repairs.

Its aerosol format gives it an extra advantage for small jobs because no preparation or cleaning of tools is required.

For painting plastics.

Similar texture and look to that of original plastic bumpers.

Good adherence to the most plastic surfaces 

66429: Anthracite

66430: Black


UNIX 310 HS - Clear Coat

Unix 310 HS is a 2k acrylic clear coat that complies with the 2.1 VOC standard.

Its easy application together with a high finishing level, allows it to be an ideal product for both complete and partial repairs. 

In addition, its rapid drying and hardness facilitate the polishing process when necessary.

R1 V211 - Clear Coat

V211 is a 2.1 VOC compliant clear coat. It has a superior gloss and outstanding buffing capabilities.

•Easy application

•Good gloss

•Can be polished very easily

Putties & Body Fillers:

The Roberlo fillers are a benchmark throughout the world thanks to their convenient application and easy sanding. 

This wide range allows solutions to be offered for any type of application.

    Maxifill Plus: 69734

    Premium Lightweight Body filler ideal for medium filling and finishing. 

    It saves time in the repair process while providing a high-quality finish.

    Its creamy texture allows an easy application both for small and large areas, providing a smooth finish.

    Combines all the characteristics needed for a high quality premium filler:

  • Finishing: Super Smooth Formula, no need for finishing glaze
  • Application: Easy spread ability - thanks to it creamy texture
  • Sand Ability: Extremely easy to sand.  Start with P120 and finish with P320
  • Adhesion: Excellent adhesion to multiple substrates, including galvanized and aluminum
  • Pinhole free, Tack free and Stain free

69012 / 69013: MAXILIGHT ULTRA

Premium Lightweight Body Filler especially developed for light filling and finishing. Its smooth self-leveling formula facilitates an excellent spreading, reducing sanding time and eliminating the need for finishing glaze.

Formulated for faster working. Its superior sanding properties make the product ideal to reduce labour costs.

  • Super smooth self-leveling formula. Extremely easy to spread.
  • Eliminates the need for finishing glaze.
  • Superior sanding properties
  • Excellent adhesion to multiple substrates, including galvanized and aluminium.
  • Pinhole free, tack free and stain free.

63254 / 65246: Maxifill Lightweight Body Filler

Universal light bodyfiller with high filling capacity.

Due to its sanding ease it can be started with P120.

68835: Easy 4000 Lightweight Body Filler

  • Excellent filling power
  • Smooth texture for easy spreading
  • Very easy sanding


Lightweight body filler intended for those repairs where the product's filling capacity is very important.

It is the ideal product for those users who start the sanding process using P40 due to its excellent adherence and strength but, at the same time, sanding can be started with finer grains.

It is recommended for those users that require a product that they can work with at length and can be contoured, if necessary. This makes Silver Light a very versatile product.

Product characteristics:

  • Multifunction filler for any kind of job, large or small.  
  • Excellent filling capacity.

  • No tack.

  • Minimises the need to use finishing glaze, saving time and money.

  • Easy sanding, work can be started with P100-P120.

  • Good adherence to any type of metal.

61006: Universal light polyester putty

Very easy to spread, easy sanding and excellent adhesion to all substrates.

The main advantage in comparison with standard polyester putties is its good adhesion to both galvanized metals and to aluminum.

Its excellent adhesion is achieved maintaining all the qualities that a good putty is requested to have such as easy application, fast drying and easy sanding (beginning with 120 abrasive paper).


Medium specific weight metallic putty. Provides optimal resistance to repair rusted areas of the body.


Self-leveling finishing putty designed to eliminate pinholes and covering surface imperfections.

Combines all the characteristics needed for a high quality finishing glaze:

  • Smooth finish with minimal sanding.
  • Excellent self-leveling properties
  • Tack free
  • Adhesion to multiple substrates
  • Its thinner viscosity makes it ideally suited for intermixing with other Roberlo fillers to improve flowout.

Protectors and Sealants:

RPS 55 - Seam Sealer

Highly versatile and fast-drying single-component structural polyurethane sealant.

It especially stands out for its fast drying speed and hardening speed. This improvement means waiting less time for both the refinishing and final fitting stages with a clear improvement both of convenience of use and the profitability of the workshop.

It is also notable for its broad adhesion spectrum, for its ease of application over a wide range of temperatures and for maintaining optimal flexibility levels.

64838: White

64839: Black

64840: Grey

Siltex 800 - Stone Chip

HS premium stone chip protector.

Ensures great protection with top quality finish.  Overpaintable with basecoat paints.

63067: Black

63068: Grey

63069: White

Hidrotex - Water Based Stone Chip

Water based paintable sealant and stone chip protector.

Forms an abrasion-resistant elastic film

61132: Grey

61133: Black

Sigiltex - Brushable Seam Sealer

Paintable 1K seam sealer for joint sealing formulated to be applied by brush.

Sigiltex is the one-component brushable sealer for use in bodywork repairs to seal all the joints, boots, wheel arches, etc.

Its main characteristics are excellent adherence and sealing power, good flexibility, resistance to water and vibrations, long useful life and excellent cohesion to other surfaces.

Sigiltex can be overpainted with bodywork basecoat paints and can also be applied in thicker layers without cracks appearing later in the paintwork.

Due to its low VOC content it is compliant with regulations and can thus be freely marketed in the EU.


Stonechip Protector - Undercoating Aerosol

Elastic coating for the protection and soundproof of autobody work.

Ideal for restoring texture after a repair.

The product is presented in a 500 ml container and has two diffusers: standard nozzle and nozzle with extension that allows you to reach difficult to access areas.

68599: Light Grey

66431: Black

Masking Products:


Soft edge masking foam for protection of contours, doors and hoods.

Easy to apply. Very flexible. No residue.

62950: 1/2 Inch

62951: 3/4 Inch


Water-based degreaser:

For degreasing all surfaces.

High cleaning power.

64484: 4 Litre

Water-Based PAINT

Blucrom is a water-based tintometric system made up of 54 solid bases, 9 metallic bases, 18 pearlescent bases and 5 xirallic bases.

The Blucrom bases offer a solution for users who seek efficiency, precision and reliability in color. The special formula of its basic color pigments provides great

covering power and, used together with the Roberlo 2K clear coats and primer fillers, allows for high quality, maximum durability and excellent gloss levels in any automobile refinishing.




Polishes/Car Care:

Industrial Paint Pigments:


Spray Guns/Tools:

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