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LS400 SUPERNOVA ENTECH HVLP:  5935 1.3/ 5940 1.4

The SUPERNOVA delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing. This, combined with the flat, even SUPERNOVA pattern, helps reduce common application issues. All SUPERNOVA guns are equipped with stainless steel fluid passages ideal for any type of material, solventborne or waterborne. HVLP Technology – 10 PSI at the nozzle, concentrated coarse atomization, excellent for solvent or waterborne base coat application, large fan pattern, superior transfer efficiency 

SUPERNOVA COMPLIANT WS400 EVOTECH:  5905 1.3/ 5910 1.4

Complies with EPA NESHAP 40 CFR, Part 63 Subpart 6H, state-of-the-art automobile inspired design by Pininfarina, patented LV Technology design combines a higher fluid delivery that facilitates a faster, smoother application, sprays in every climate condition with optimized atomization 

W400-LV COMPLIANT GUN:  4755 1.3
The W400-LV High Performance center post gravity feed high transfer efficiency spray gun combines LV Technology with High-TEC standards and our tulip inspired spray pattern complies with regulations for the application of waterborne coatings 

LPH400-LV GRAVITY:  5640 1.3/ 5650 1.4

High performance center post gravity feed HVLP spray gun with low air consumption and superior atomization utilizing our LV technology and our tulip inspired spray pattern. The gravity-feed design provides for easy clean up and reduces material waste 

LPH400-LVX EXTREME BASECOAT GRAVITY:  5660 1.3/ 5670 1.4
Teaming up with our LPH400-LVB, the LPH400 LVX eXtreme basecoat technology was developed for use with 90-95% of basecoat colors and engineered to provide increased productivity in application for solvent or waterborne basecoats. While the LPH400 LVB remains the set-up for the most difficult or complex colors, the LPH400 LVX handles all the middle range colors where productivity and speed is a must. Extensive field-testing and painter evaluation reports prove that the LPH400 LVX is much faster than the competition and has an ultra smooth application with no technique change. Inlet pressures, spray distance and overlap are the same for the LPH400 LVX as a normal LPH400 LV
LPH300-LV GRAVITY:  3955 1.3
Compact size center post gravity feed HVLP spray gun with full size performance. The compact size and lighter weight reduces fatigue when spraying. Utilizing our LV technology and our tulip inspired spray pattern the LPH300-LV has wide variety of uses for many applications. Ideal for primer, sealer
AZ3HTE2:  9236 1.8/ 9237 2.0/ 9238 3.0

An affordable center post gravity air spray gun. The AZ3HTE2 may be used for spray polyester filler and other heavy bodied materials 

AZ3 HVLP-S IMPACT:  9270 1.3/ 9274 1.4
Economical, our new traditional HVLP atomizing gun has a larger spray pattern combined with all stainless steel wetted parts and high chrome finish makes this a perfect gun for water or solvent. The IMPACT is available in a nozzle range from 1.3mm up to a 2.0mm

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