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CIC Kit – 10010

Fast and Easy Corrosion Protection

A proper repair includes replacement of the vehicle’s corrosion protection. Is your shop providing this? For those that answer “no,” it’s not too difficult to identify the reasons. Time-consuming application; tedious cleanup; specialized equipment that’s not user-friendly. Now there’s a better way.

The new Like90 Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds (CIC) Kit is a “game-changing” approach to restoring corrosion protection in damaged vehicles. Packaged in VOC-compliant aerosol cans that won’t clog, each component in the system provides superior performance compared to traditional alternatives.

10011 CIC Weld-Thru

- Thin-film CIC provides cleaner, stronger welds than traditional weld-thru coatings.
- Non-conductive resin contains no zinc or copper that can promote corrosion and contaminate the weld.
- Exceptional performance on aluminum as well as steel.
- Single-coat application provides superior coverage in an aerosol that won’t clog.

10012 CIC Dry Film

- Super-penetrating action wicks into seams and crevices at 4 inches per hour.
- Goes where traditional corrosion protection products can’t: all the way to the exposed metal around the weld joint.
- Exceptional performance on aluminum as well as steel.
- Can be applied immediately after welding or later after paint.
- Also available in translucent black (10024 Dry Black).

10025 CIC Wet Black

- Self-healing CIC performs up to four times longer than typical cavity wax (4,000 hour salt spray on steel vs. 1000-hour salt spray for a leading cavity wax.)
- Chemistry includes hydrophobic elements which extend the path that moisture and oxygen must travel to reach the surface.
- Sprays through CIC Flex Wand to ensure complete coverage in enclosed cavities.
- Apply on top of CIC Dry Film for additional protection.
Also available in translucent reddish-brown (10013 Wet Film).

10014 CIC Remover

- Fast, easy removal of any excess CIC coatings, wet or dry.
- Purges CIC Flex Wand with a quick short burst through the wand.

10015 CIC Flex Wand

- Custom-machined, 360-degree spray tip ensures complete coverage.
- Requires only a 0.25-inch hole and eliminates the need to drill new holes for access.
- Flexible, rugged design for those hard-to-reach areas inside the vehicle.

10016 CIC Aerosol Caddy

- Attaches directly to technician’s tool cart.

Additional Like90 SKU's available!

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