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Easier to use. Faster to cure. Proven to perform



PLIOGRIP by Valvoline Panel 60 is a versatile panel bonding adhesive with unmatched strength and high heat resistance. Full scale crash testing has proven beyond a doubt that Panel 60 bonding adhesive can stand alone without accompanying welds on secondary panel repairs.

Backed by a lifetime structural and corrosion warranty, Panel 60 bonding adhesive is used for bare metal, aluminum, e-coat, SMC and fiberglass on quarter panels, roof panels, rear body panels and door skins. It also may be spot-welded wet and is sandable to a feather edge.

Meets GM6449G standards

• Bonds bare metal, aluminum, e-coat and SMC/fiberglass

• No welding required; can be weld bonded with MIG or compression spot weld

• Non-flammable

• Sandable to feather edge and paintable (single step, no bodyfiller required)

• Crash-tested: meets FMVSS 301 Fuel Integrity and FMVSS 208 40 MPH 40% Off-Frontal Solid Barrier

• No odor

• Two-year shelf life



PLIOGRIP® by Valvoline, a body repair system from Ashland, introduces a line of new highperformance, two-part epoxy seam sealers that may be painted immediately following application. Waiting for your 2K seam sealers to cure before sending to the paint booth is no longer required

withPLIOGRIP by Valvoline’s new 2K Seam Sealers. Available in four cure time and body level combinations to match all OEM sealer applications:

• Non-Sag Seam Sealer 6 and High-Body Seam Sealer 12 are designed for standing seams, tape seams and angle seams often found on import vehicles. Choose the work time appropriate for the application.

• High body Seam Sealer 12 may also be used in applications where extra gap filling properties are required

• Controlled-Flow Seam Sealer 6 is the perfect product for applications requiring leveling characteristics while also retaining some body, such as duplication of rounded-edge tape seams found on import vehicles.

• Self-Leveling Seam Sealer 12 is a low-body flowable product for roof ditches and puddle seams.

 Duplicate all OEM sealer applications

• New robust epoxy formulas

• Flexible

• Brushable

• Excellent workability

• Paintable immediately following application

• No odor, non flammable

• Two-year shelf life



The PLIOGRIP by Valvoline high-performance line of Sealers and Foams provides body shops with a complete package to finish the repair.

PLIOGRIP by Valvoline Sealers and Foams are easy to work with and yield fantastic results:

• 1K Seam Sealer – A permanently flexible, moisture-cured seam sealer for standing seams, floor pans, trunks, wheel wells and more, for an OEM-matching brushed, bead or sprayed texture

• 2K Seam Sealer – our new 2K epoxy seam sealers can be painted immediately

• Rigid and Flexible Foam – Rigid and flexible NVH foams with 5 seconds of work time or less, these foams match OEM materials without unwanted structural pressure

All PLIOGRIP by Valvoline Sealers and Foams offer excellent adhesion, no shrinkage and a lifetime warranty.


• Easy to tool out

• Non-sag, no shrinkage

• Excellent adhesion to primed metal

• Lifetime warranty


• 10x expansion

• Excellent adhesion to primed metal

• No shrinkage or unwanted structural pressure

• Lifetime warranty

• Non-flammable 



For the perfect fit, turn to PLIOGRIP by Valvoline Plastic Repair system.

Our Plastic Repair system starts with an aerosol adhesion promoter that delivers superior feather edging and a flash time of five minutes. It follows with our Plastic Repair line of structural adhesives, unmatched in strength and in the cure time of choice: 25 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes or 10 minutes. Finally, you can finish any repair with ease with PLIOGRIP by Valvoline Finishing Cream, Best New Product of 2006; its true three-minute work time and 10 to 15 minute sand time make any repair a breeze. Try Rapid Repair for tabs, moldings, emblems and other basic repairs where you may use a super glue.

Our easy-to-use Plastic Repair system can repair bumpers, bumper tabs, plastic body panels, interior tabs, ground effects, moldings and claddings.

PLIOGRIP by Valvoline Plastic Repair adhesives have a two-year shelf life and are OEM approved for SMC repair.

• Meets Ford WSB-M11P27-B, General Motors GM6448G, and Chrysler MS-CC258 and MS-CC631 standards

• High-strength structural urethane

• Repairs TPO, TEO, PP, PUR, ABS and GTX bumpers or plastic panels

• Bonds all plastics including SMC/fiberglass

• Fast cure and sand times

• Easy to use

• Black in color

• Excellent sandability

• Two-year shelf life



Available in three convenient sizes, performance-driven PLIOGRIP® by Valvoline acrylic double-sided tape provides incredible clarity and quality. PLIOGRIP by Valvoline tape is water clear, and therefore not visible to the naked eye. The tape won’t discolor, and because it has a solid core, it won’t trap dust and moisture like other foam tapes. Sold in 20-foot, job-size rolls, you’ll reduce waste and increase efficiency in your shop with PLIOGRIP by Valvoline tape.


• Water clear

• Strong, yet flexible

• Solid - no foam cores

• UV and moisture resistant

• Convenient, job-size rolls

• Three sizes - try 1/4” for small moldings and emblems



PLIOGRIP by Valvoline SMC Repair products provide superior structural strength with a surface that’s sandable and paintable and a bond that’s warranted for life.

PLIOGRIP by Valvoline SMC Repair products are engineered for a variety of applications in the body shop:

• Plastic Panel 15 and Plastic Panel 35 – An OEM-approved, high-performance adhesive for bonding door skins and larger panels (Panel 60 bonding adhesive can be used to bond bare metal to SMC without primer)

• SMC Repair and Finishing Cream – A fast-curing epoxy with superior sandability that doesn’t need a mixer

Our SMC Repair products also can be used to bond fiberglass, resin transfer mold (RTM), polyurethane (PUR), carbon fiber and Metton1 resin.

They are ideal for use on quarter panels, roof panels, fenders, door skins, rear tubs, rocker cladding and ground effects.


• Meets Ford WSB-M11P27-B, General MotorsGM6448G, and Chrysler MS-CC258 and MS- CC631 standards

• Resistant to high temperatures

• High-strength structural adhesive

• OEM approved

• Lifetime warranty

• Non-flammable

• Two-year shelf life

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