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Pandemic related products!

Plastic Wheel Bag Maskers: 163/ 167/ 169/ 172/ 176/ 177

Total tire masking protection against paint overspray, dust, dirt and other contaminants during refinish repair. Built-in ‘cling’ feature enables the BAG to wrap the tire for complete masking protection. Tough and durable, non-static, disposable, recyclable plastic that allows using the bag twice, front & back. (Available in many sizes – from 13” to Dual Truck/Bus Tires) 

Collision Wrap Film: 428/ 432/ 434

Self-adhering WRAP covers cracked windshields, broken windows, sprung doors, caved-in roofs and any opening to protect vehicle interior from risk of damage from rain, wind, snow, dirt, etc., outdoors or indoors. Durable 3 mil puncture resistant plastic film with UV inhibitor that adheres to clean and dry surfaces - metal, glass & plastic.

AutoMask: 102/ 104/ 108

The Pre-taped, Pre-folded, Hand-held Paint Masking System that enables one man to mask for unlimited lengths, quickly and accurately, on all vehicles, reducing masking time and material waste. Choose the correct AutoMask masking drape for your masking needs. Lint free, eliminates risk of masking paper fiber contamination, anti-static, ultimate solvent bleed-thru resistance (even paint stripper can’t penetrate it), resists heat up to 230°F (110°C), and wads up into small, space-saving, throw-away balls (conserves disposal space up to 70%). Available in 21”, 43, 72” widths. 

Plastic Mirror Maskers: 165

Designed to provide total mirror masking protection against paint overspray, dust, dirt and other contaminants during refinish repair. High tough & durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) that is solvent resistant, resists heat up to 230°F, non-static and completely waterproof.

Spray Booth Wall Protective Film: 438/ 443

Durable puncture resistant plastic film with UV inhibitor that resists heat up to 200F. Is self-adhering, leaves no adhesive transfer, eliminates labor intensive application and removal of spray or roll-on peelable coatings. Cuts booth maintenance time in half- no mess, no cleaning of spray gun.

Spray Booth Floor Film: 419/ 421/ 454

Easy to apply: Reverse wound roll (adhesive to the outside) enables easy rolling laydown of the film to the floor with self-adhering, stay-in-place protection. Eliminates cleaning floor with chemicals, can be rinsed off with water (after application). Remove every 60-90 days and apply anew.

Pre-Treatment Cut Thru System: 5001/ 5003/ 5004

The Pre-Treatment system creates a chromium free conversion coating which bonds with metal surfaces enhancing adhesion and corrosion resistance. For use on Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, substitutes the use of watch, etch, and epoxy primers. Available in wipers or in a marker type applicator.

Cock ‘n Lock Couplers/Plugs: 611/ 612/ 613/ 621

Increased air flow efficiency conserves compressed air and increases pneumatic power to each line running off the air compressor. The power flow coupler’s air chamber is completely open, unblocked by springs, coils or mechanical assembly. This allows unrestricted air flow through the coupler passageway and through the full flow ported plug.

Air Hose Sleeve: 133

The Anti-Static Air Hose “Protective Sleeve” is a durable, polyethylene film that keeps the air hose clean. The narrow diameter of the “protective sleeve” fits closely to the circumference of the air hose for safe, easy maneuverability of the spray gun line. Eliminates wiping off dust, dirt, smeared paint materials, fillers, putties and grease between paint jobs. Paint overspray sticks to the “protective sleeve” without flaking off.

Foaming Pre Cleaner Kit: 12024/ 12202

RBL's Foaming Pre-Cleaner Kit is our do-it-all kit for paint prep work. Easily dissolving road grime and salt, it leaves surfaces clean and ready for that next coat of clear coat or paint. The kit comes with our Foamer Sprayer, 1 gallon of Foaming Pre-Cleaner and our Super Sponge.

Walk-on Tacky Mats: 365/ 367

Durable, reusable BASE with rubberized skid-free bottom surface keeps the PAD in place. Position on concrete floor at entry to spray booth and on carpeted floor at entry to shop office. When the top mat is dirty, peel back at corner to remove dirty matand a new, fresh mat is now on top.

Correction Inspection Light: INS-1

Tuned specifically for color correction, it allows painters and detailers to accurately match any color of paint in any lighting condition. It has 3 dim settings, allowing for views of the paint in different types of light. A wide illumination area is available for ease of operation and its integrated stand and hanger make it a key item to have around the garage or shop. A long battery life provided by the 4400mAH battery and quick recharge times make it an ideal choice for your inspection lighting needs.

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