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Velvet Shield Carbonized Fiber Welding Blanket: 316-4x6/ 316-6x6/ 316-6x8

For heavy duty welding - sparks, spatter, and light slag. Carbonized fiber is the softest and toughest welding protection ever. Steiner's best-selling welding blanket. Lightweight, soft, and flexible welding blanket, providing incredible ease of use while withstanding high heat with a temperature rating of 1800oF, non-grommeted, FM approved.

ToughGuard HD™ Tan Heat Cleaned Fiberglass Welding Blanket: 382-6x6/ 382-6x8

For medium duty welding applications - sparks and spatter, temperature rating: 1000oF, non-grommeted, FM approved.

Additional Steiner SKU's available!

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Telephone: 905-847-6663


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