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  • Easily Welds Boron and all other Ultra High Strength Steels
  • Fully water-cooled to the welding caps on both gun and welding arm
  • In Smart plus mode, automatically identifies type and layers of metal and automatically sets all welding parameters
  • Output Power: Max. 14,000 Amps at the caps
  • Max electrode force: Transgun 8679TS = 450 daN
  • Optional Transgun 8679TS7 = 700 daN
  • USB Port for easy upgrade of programs and software
  • USB port to download and store all weld record
  • Approved for weld bonding.

PART #60-3664P:  The SMART Spot Welder

A SMART Resistance spot welding system, controlled by a microprocessor, designed for auto body repair shops.
The welding control unit with digital touch-screen enables to display and check all the welding parameters according to the type of tool, the type and thickness of  sheets to be welded.

On AUTO Mode:

  • The Welding gun, once in touch with the metal(s) to be welded sets all of the parameters of the machine
  • It will recognize the type and thickness of metal(s) and set the appropriate parameters, force, weld time and power to assure a perfect spot weld each time.
  • No guessing! Set on Auto Mode and save time while being certain of a perfect job.
  • The built in transformer in the gun makes it possible to have a long cable, lightweight and without any EMF emissions to adversely affect your health, while saving you over 60% in energy costs.
  • The 3664P Smart Spot Welder also is programmable by way of an SD Card or by Wi-Fi directly from your computer.
  • The SD Memory Card feature makes it possible to record each job and file same for future reference.
  • The weld gun has quick connection devices. Thus, it is possible to easily change the arms without the use of keys, tools and screws;  It is a fully water-cooled welding tool, transformer, arms and electrodes, by means of a closed circuit cooling system placed on the trolley of the machine.

You also save on electrical installation costs as the 3664P only needs a 60 Amp breaker, unlike most competitors’ units that require much higher amperages and higher electrical installation costs.

The 3664P Smart Spot Welder has the most coveted OEM approvals as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Volvo, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Suzuki etc...

220V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz,  Mains protection (delayed)  A25-32,  Protection degree  IP21,  Weight  kg  130

Weld  Gun: 8679TS
Nominal power at 50%         kVA 12
Maximun welding power       kVA17
Maximum secondary current  kA14
Thermal current 100%          kA1.8
No load secondary voltage     V8.7
Max. electrode force            daN450
Recognition sensor-             SS
Protection degree                IP21

72000 - Kit of accessories and consumable included
5235K - 36 Type A and 16 type E caps

PART# 60-36EZ:  Smart Pulse Spot Welder


  • Recognizes metal type, thickness and automatically sets all parameters
  • Water cooled to the weld tip
  • Transformer Gun w/22 ft. Long lightweight cable
  • 220V, 3Phase
  • CSA Approved

PART #60-3546:  Infrared Heater

  • 230V, 60/Hz, 3 Phase
  • Power Output: 15kW
  • Color display Touch Screen
  • Adjustable power and temperature
  • Lamp power: 4.8kW
  • Lamp life: 5000hrs.
  • Temperature control: Pyrometer
  • Cooling system , Air and Water
  • Sturdy cabinet included