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Mig/Mag Pulse Welders

Resistance Spot Welders


AccuVision 3D Measuring System 

  • Simple – Accurate – Easy to use
  • Dual use : Estimating and Repair
  • No moving parts
  • No Calibration needed
  • No Lasers, No Targets, No adaptors, No Magnets
  • Simply point and measure
  • Most profitable system

Guaranteed: Quickest (ROI) on the market

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60-14000: BlueWeld Fully Automatic Water Cooled Smart Spot Welder - NEW
Forget about type of material, manual settings, and reference tables. BlueWeld Smart Autoset allows the auto detection of both material and thickness, all you need to do is weld.

128 standard programs and 400+ customised
Auto recognition of the arm and inserted tool
Pre and post heating for interventions on HSS and galvanized metals
Auto cooling control of machine, clamp and cables
Regulation of approach, slope and welding times
Regulation in pulse welding (pulse number and interval)
Automatic/manual regulation of pressure between electrodes
COMPLETE with Water-cooled gun and trolley

Specs: 220V, 3Ph/  Gun: 550daN/  Weight: 220 lbs.
Optional Arms available

60-31877: Nitrogen Gas Generator COMBINATION Plastic Welder 
with Cart and Accessories, 110V

60-31878:  Nitrogen Double Gas Plastic Welder - Trolley Version 

with Hot Stapler and smoothing tip with cart and accessories, 110V

Welder machine w/hot stapler
Plastic part cleaning cutter
Metal roller for plastic surface levelling


60-31062 Precut Wave staples, 7mm, 50/pk
60-31063 Precut Inside corner staples, 7mm, 50/pk
60-31065 Precut larger wave staples, 7mm, 50/pk
60-3105010 Smart Plastic smoother, 10/pk

                                                        Replacement Heater Element

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