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Body Shop Tools & Accessories:

Drill Kit for Parking Sensors

Complete kit with appropriate tooling inclusive of drills for diameters 17/18/19/20/21/22mm. (Available on request the tool for diameter 26mm as well).

Supplied in a handy mini plastic case with relevant use and instructions.

11-SG100 Static Gun 

Includes Gun, Charger and Line Adapter Ionizer PRO is an advanced cordless gun system that forms positive and negative ions to neutralize static electricity present on surfaces and help eliminate dirt and dust particles on panels ready to be painted. Several common tasks in a body shop can cause static build-up, such as sanding, blowing, masking or cleaning. However, with Ionizer PRO, you will improve the process of applying metallic, pearly and pearlescent paint, both water or solvent-based, as well as increase the profitability of your body shop with reductions in time and material usage to achieve perfect end results. You will notice a marked difference in the time and quality of your production!

Drill Kit for Parking Sensors 

Complete kit with appropriate tooling inclusive of drills for diameters 17/18/19/20/21/22mm. (Available on request the tool for diameter 26mm as well).

Supplied in a handy mini plastic case with relevant use and instructions.

20-101: Suction Spray Gun

Binks type, 1L alum. cup, 1.7 mm

20-103: Suction Spray Gun

Sharpe type, 1L alum. cup, 1.6 mm

20-104: Suction Spray Gun

DeVilbiss type, 1L alum. cup, 1.8 mm

20-445W2K: Waterbase type HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit for Professional Use


1.3mm HVLP Gravity paint Gun, 1.4K Extra 1.4mm Kit (Needle+Nozzle+Aircap), Gravity Cup 600ml

20-445MW-1.0 1.0mm Mini Touch up Gravity Gun, .08 Extra 0.8mm kit ( Needle+Nozzle+Aircap), Gravity Cup 150ml, HVLP Regulator, 3 pc cleaning brush, Plastic Carry Case


SD-145300: Portable Colormatch Lamp

Sunlight on demand, high color temp, 5300K duplicates sunlight, 70 Watts, 110Volts, Lightweight.

20-508: 2 Qt Pressure Gun System

DeVILBISS Type, w/4 ft Air/Fluid Hose, Pressure Gun 1.0mm, regulator w/gauge

20-502-25: HVLP Pressure System

2-1/4 Gl. (10L) Pressure pot, 25 ft. Air/Paint Hose, HVLP Pressure Gun 1.0mm, Regulator w/Gauge

20-HSD73K: Rustproofing Kit

(2 Wands, Nozzle)

20-BGS1: Gravity Gun/Strainer Stand

Bench or Wall Mount

20-BGS2: Gravity Gun/Strainer Stand

20-M6: Magnetic Twin Gun Holder & Hose Supports

20-621: Paint Gun Cleaning Kit

Contents: 6 pc Precision Needle Set, Handle for precision needle, Handle for Detail End Brush, Paint Gun Lube, 30ml, 3 pc Detail End Brush (1/4", 3/8", 1/2"), 12" Pick-up Tube Brush, 5 pc Precision Mini Twisted Brush, Nylon Bristle Parts Brush Brass Power Pick-up Tupe Brush, 1/4" HVLP Brush, 1/2" Body Cavity Brush

20-2: Touch-up Paint Bottle with brush

60 ml.100/box

21-012 1/2" x 164' (13mm x 50m)

21-034 3/4" x 115' (19mm x 35m)

Self-adhesive Foam Tape

for masking odd shaped vehicle openings. Hi-Performance adhesive leaving no residue.

21-223: Paint Booth Floor matting

Absorbs and retains Paints, Clears, Solvents, Oils, Coolants and Water. Rolls are ideal for covering large areas and soaking up leaks and overspray. Poly backing prevents absorbed liquids from reaching floors and provides added traction for safe footing. Keep paint booth floors dry and safe with this highly durable, absorbent Rug Heat-fused TRAFFIC MAT Rug won't rip or fray, even under heavy traffic.

21-130: Sticky Mat

provides the most economical way to minimize dust and dirt tracking into Mixing Room & Paint Booth areas. Each mat consists of 30 disposable sheets. When the top sheet becomes soiled, simply peel off to expose a new, clean surface, Sticky Mat installs in seconds and can last up to weeks depending on the amount of traffic. * 24" x 36", 30 sheets per mat, 4 mats per case,21-130: Sticky Mat provides the most economical way to minimize dust and dirt tracking into Mixing Room & Paint Booth areas. Each mat consists of 30 

23-625: Metal #12 Razor Blades

23-650: Plastic #12 Razor Blades

100 per box.

23-8337: 9" Sanding Block with Clips

23-8312: Steel Blades for Body Filler (2”x6”) 

23-8311: Steel Blades for Body Filler

Set of 4: 1" - 4"

24-212G: 7" Angle Air Polisher/Sander

24-213G: 7" Angle Grinder

24-211: 7" Vertical Sander

24-210P: 7" Vertical Polisher

24-860G: Air Spot Drill

with 8mm Bit

24-B6/B8: Drill Bit

6mm/ 8mm


8" Dual Action Sander

25-5437: Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge - ETG Mini

Reads on Steel Only

Designed for body shops, dealerships, painters, appraisers, inspectors, detailers and professional car buyers.

* Pocket size with one-hand operation, * Conclusively identify all previous refinish work, Enhance reputation and win new customers, Measures to 10 mil or micron, Continuous read-out, ETG is the only gauge chosen by the dealer equipment programs of: Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Lexus, BMW, and others.* No calibration required 

25-5438: Mini Paint Thickness Gauge

Reads on Steel or Steel & Aluminum

25-8307: Body Hammer/Dolly Kit

in Carry Case

25-6078-6: 5 lb Dent Puller Kit

25-6078-8: 10 lb Knocker Kit

In Plastic Box

28-89104: DuoSpur™ Dual function

for Wool or Foam Pads.

• Will not discolor pads like metal spurs do

28-2000: Pad washer

for all pads, including foam

28-45900 / 28-45890: Polishing Pads

1-1/2" Foam, 5/8" Thread, 8" Diameter

1-1/2" Foam, 5/8" Thread, 6-1/2" Diameter 

28-Z020: Cleaning Gun (Tornador®Black)

Double power, less air and noise over Classic Air/liquid cleaning tool. The Patented Tornador®

is totally unique; it's air driven oscillating tip and nozzle creates a tornado cleaning action that tackles some of the most challenging fabric & dashboard cleaning jobs.


Now you can generate aerosol type foam using your favorite multi purpose cleaners. Save time and money when using the Tornador® Foam Gun. Perfect for carpets, seats and exterior applications. Now you can control the amount of foam and strength by using the products you normally use in detailing operations. No more bucket and high water pressure to create

30-40: Plastic Rivet Kit

Includes: Hand Riveter, Plastic Rivets 10 x 6.6mm x 17.2mm, 6.3mm x 25, 2mm, 5.0mm x 17.2mm, 5.0mm x 15.8mm

30-240G: Air Riveter

up to 3/16" Steel or Aluminum Rivets, 78-85 psi, 4cfm

45-175: Cart for masking paper

Max. width 18" rolls x 4 rolls

45-4200: Cart for masking paper

Max. width 42 in., 3 rolls

45-100: Support for hood, door, deck lid and tailgate

Repair & Paint, Gas spring assist, tailgate adaptors included

45-110: Support for bumper & panel

Painting & repair, Gas spring assist

45-120: Paint Stand for mirrors, spoilers, moldings, grills and fenders

45-160: Mobile 6 Bumper Rack

with swivel casters

45-146: Wall mount 6 Bumper rack

45-203: Bodyshop Parts Cart    

45-201: Bodyshop Parts Cart  

45-PB1: Portable Bench

300 lb Capacity

45-388: H.D. 3 Modular-Shelf Tool Cart

Capacity: 330 lb

45-3600: Mobile station with Dual Motor Vacuum - No air tools included

45-3600C: Mobile station with Dual Motor Vacuum - Complete Kit

with Dual Motor Vacuum, Mobile Work bench, 2 Vacuum Air Sanders, 2 Anti-static Co-axial Vacuum/Air hoses, 10 meters each, Mounted Air Filter/Regulator/Oiler Trio for your airtools.

includes: 10M co-axial anti static vacuum hose, Vacuum Bag, 2x 6" Orbital Vacuum Sander

47-1910K: Weld gun/Heat Gun Multi-Combo Kit

Variable Temp. Electronic Gun: 120 – 1100 F

1500W, 110V, 3.6/10.6/17.6 CFM, 3 reflectors, 1 reducer, Weld Rod assortment, (ABS,PP,PVC,LDPE,HDPE), H.D. Carry case

47-803: Variable Temperature Heat Gun

Up to 1050 F, Specs: 1400 Watts / 120V/60Hz

47-800: Hot Stapler Kit

110V, Stapler gun w/3 power settings and staple positions of 45/90/180 degrees, 100 of each 6 type staples, side cutter, carrying case

52-H130: Mini Hand Sandblaster

Metal Nozzle, 1 litre cup

52-H175V: Recovery Sandblaster

52-G525: Sandblast Cabinet

2.2 cu. Ft, Includes Screen, Gloves and Sandblast Gun 53-H534

55-KS1: "Kant Slip" Friction Jack

72-498: Full Face Mask - Clear Lens

72-300M/L/XL: Reusable Painter's Coverall LINT FREE

- All purpose, lightweight, protective lint-free suit.

- Full body and head coverage.

- Specially treated fabric that breathes and has no lint.

- Full zipper front, Velcro sleeve fasteners, full hood, elastic waist and rear pocket

- Comes in white nylon front, with breathable poly-cotton back.

- Sleeves, pant cuffs and hood are adjustable with Velcro

- Heavy duty front zipper.

- Machine Washable and re-usable

72-7700: Dual Cartridge Respirator

for Paint, Enamel, Lacquer, and Organic Vapors

(72-N7500-1: Pair of Replacement Cartridges 2/pk)

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