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Sunmight SUN NET Sanding Disc & Rolls: 

821xx: 5" SUN NET DISC, 50/PK

822xx: 6" SUN NET DISC, 50/PK

Sun Net is the ultimate solution for dust free sanding. Its unique net construction allows full surface dust extraction for clean and healthy working environment. Sunmight’s special abrasives coating technology on net backing provides excellent cutting performance and less clogging problem.

Available in 80GR - 800GR

Sunmight Random Orbital Sanders:

64400: 6" RO SANDER, VELCRO, 3/16" ORBIT


Sunmight Random Orbital Sanders are designed for sanding all types of materials - metal, wood, paint, composites solid surface and etc. They are lightweight and ergonomically designed for consistent performance and operator comfort.

Sunmight Film:

3” - 542XX/ ” - 011XX, 012XX, 512XX/ 5” HOLE 473XX MULTIHOLE

6” - 005XX, 013XX, 014XX, 474XX MULTIHOLE/ File Strips - 041XX, 044XX, 221XX/ 8” - 015XX

This is a premium product with strong and even surface film backing that allows better surface finish and longer life. It is also great for corner and edge sanding without problem tearing. (Available in 3”, 5”, 6”, File Strips, Velcro-PSA, Holes/No-Holes)

Sunmight Gold:

5” - 022XX/ 6” - 006XX, 023XX, 024XX/ 8” - 025XX

This is different from other competitors’ Gold sandpapers.Even though the price is less than other conventional Gold sandpapers. Our Sunmight Gold is a premium product made with premium A/O grain, strong phenol resin and high quality latex paper for the best combination of performance, reliability and value. (Available in 5”, 6”, Velcro/PSA)


3” - 961XX/ 6” - 962XX

Sunfoam is made with fabric and foam structure to provide outstanding finish and even surface pressure. Special abrasives coating on the fabric allows sanding and polishing at same time to finish your work much faster. It is great for curved and contour surfaces and works well on wet sanding.

Sunmight Ceramic Cut-Off Wheel:

89100, 89200

Sunmight Ceramic Cut-Off Wheel is designed for best performance on auto body sheet metal and other metals. It is made with premium ceramic grains to cut faster and last longer than the competitor's cut-off wheels.

Sunmight Waterproof:

9” x 11” - 081XX/ 5.5” x 9” - 071XX

Sunmight Waterproof is made with high quality water resistant paper backing for flexibility and outstanding finish. Special resin technology reduces possible curling problems during wet sanding operations.

Sunmight Scuff Pads:

6” x 9” - 80100/80200, 4.5” x 9” - 80500/80600

Sunmight Scuff Pads and Rolls are an excellent choice for surface preparation and fine finishing. Sunmight FLEX Scuff Pads have a thinner and very flexible structure. They work great on corners and contoured surfaces. They are all suitable for automotive refinishing and industrial applications.

Additional Sunmight SKU's available!

For more information please contact us at:

Telephone: 905-847-6663


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